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This is Nortura

One of Norway's largest food producers - owned by the Norwegian farmer

Nortura is a large Norwegian industry group with 30 production units and approximately 4,600 FTEs. Our facilities receive 260,000 tonnes of meat and eggs every year. Our major production groups are beef, pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, mutton, lamb and goat.

Most people know us through Gilde og Prior, our most well-known brands. We are a major supplier to the grocery market and the food we produce is sold in all Norwegian grocery chains. In addition, we are major suppliers to hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, kiosks and petrol stations - and a significant supplier of raw materials to other meat industries.  

We own a number of subsidiaries that specialize in further processing surplus materials that are left over from our primary production. What is not considered suitable for human consumption is included into our circular processing economy and becomes, e.g., animal feed, medicines, high-value protein supplements and bio-energy. 

Nortura has an annual turnover of approximately NOK 30 billion. 

Nortura is the farmer's own company and a cooperative owned by 16,000 Norwegian farmers. Our aim is to facilitate agriculture throughout Norway, so that eggs and meat are produced in all parts of the country. As farmers ourselves, we believe that food should be produced with the next generation in mind, based on Norwegian resources and nature.

As part of the Norwegian agricultural cooperatives, we also have an obligation to ensure that the relationship between supply and demand in the egg and meat market is in balance. This is a role assigned through Landbruksdirektoratet (Norwegian Agriculture Agency), which is managed in Totalmarked.

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