Loan programme

06. juni 2020

Nortura SA has a bond and certificate programme with a ceiling of NOK 4,25 billion.

Bond issue

The company currently has 8 bond issues in the market:

NORT11(ISIN: NO 001 0709678)link to Oslo Stock Exchange
NORT12(ISIN: NO 001 0709686)link to Oslo Stock Exchange
NORT21(ISIN: NO 001 0778236)link to Oslo Stock Exchange
NORT26(ISIN: NO 001 0790363)link to Oslo Stock Exchange
NORT28(ISIN: NO 001 0822893)link to Oslo Stock Exchange
NORT30(ISIN: NO 001 0886716)link to Oslo Stock Excange
NORT31(ISIN: NO 001 0886724)link to Oslo Stock Excange
NORT32(ISIN: NO 001 0886740)link to Oslo Stock Excange

Drawn amount of bonds:

  • NORT11 145 mill. NOK
  • NORT19 255 mill. NOK
  • NORT21 500 mill. NOK
  • NORT26 500 mill. NOK
  • NORT28 500 mill. NOK
  • NORT30 700 mill. NOK
  • NORT31 150 mill. NOK
  • NORT32 150 mill. NOK

Certificate loan

Certificate loans currently make up NOK 350 million:

ISIN: NO 001 0872880

Download here