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How we work with sustainability

Our six dimensions

Get a glimps on Norturas six dimensions in our approach to sustainability. The full version is found on the Norwegian site. 

E WEB Goal 02 E WEB Goal 03

1 - Safe and healthy food

One of our most important tasks is to secure safe food production. Strict procedures, supervisions, controls and systems for traceability we prevent food from contributing to foodborne infection among people, animals and plants. Our food must also contribute to a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. Nortura contributes for Norway to be self-servent on eggs and meat.

E WEB Goal 12 E WEB Goal 13 E WEB Goal 15

2 - Food on nature’s premises

Harsh weather conditions and rugged nature makes livestock farming Norway’s most important agricultural resource. Nature and biological processes are the basis of Nortura’s food production, and we must keep it this way for next generation. Amongst our initiatives you will find several climate initiatives to reduce emissions of methane in agriculture and co2 from transport.

E WEB Goal 08 E WEB Goal 10

3 - Contribute to a viable agriculture

Nortura’s main objective is to facilitate egg and meat production nationwide and to maintain local food production in a sparsely populated country. Our mandate is to maintain profitability for the farmer in all regions, and to strengthen and develop a sustainable and viable agriculture.

E WEB Goal 06 E WEB Goal 09 E WEB Goal 12

4 - Responsible production

Nortura's production facilities makes full use of resources, and aim to leave as little waste as possible. We also strive for the lowest possible use of energy, the least possible wastage and reuse of resources. Nortura will work for a bio-based circular economy throughout our value chain. All our packaging will be sustainable and by 2025 and consumers will be able to trace food in our branded products.

E WEB Goal 02 E WEB Goal 05 E WEB Goal 08

5 - With care for people and animals

Animal welfare is a prerequisite for working with egg and meat production. Nortura’s farmers work within a framework with strict requirements towards animal welfare - and in our sustainability strategy we targets improvements for all animal. Nortura is also a diverse workplace, with focus on inclusion, diversity and personal development.

WEB Goal 17

6 - Collaboration with stakeholdes

A fundamental prerequisite for achieving our goals is that Nortura participates in networks and collaborates with national and international authorities, companies, organisations and individuals working towards the same goal.