About us

Nortura is one of Norway's biggest food manufacturers, with well-known brands such as Gilde and Prior.

Nortura SA is Norway’s leading supplier of meat and eggs. We supply the country’s major brands. Nortura ensures that consumers all over the country have the same selection of quality products to choose from.

The group has a turnover of NOK 23 billion. We have over 5 000 employees and more than 30 production facilities all over the country. The group is organized as a cooperative owned by around 17 700 Norwegian farmers.

The group’s purpose is to sell the members’ slaughtered animals, eggs, live animals and wool in the best possible manner. The group shall through its operations contribute to the members, receiving the best possible financial result from their livestock production.

It is sought to attain the objectives through the group’s core operations which include slaughtering, cutting, processing, egg packing, sales, marketing, trade of hatching eggs, trade of live animals, trade of wool and advisory services.

The group may otherwise participate in or operate enterprises that have a natural business relation to the group’s core operations and which support the group’s objectives.

The group shall work towards improving general terms for Norwegian meat and poultry producers. Further, the group shall contribute to develop and maintain the set of values and principles for Nortura SA.

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