About us

Nortura is one of Norway's biggest food manufacturers, with well-known brands such as Gilde and Prior.

Nortura is the farmer’s own company. We are one of the largest food producers in Norway, with the aim of facilitating egg and meat production throughout Norway. As the farmers, we believe food should be produced with the next generation in mind and be based on Norwegian resources and nature.

Nortura is changing, and together with our 5,000 employees and 17,100 owners we are currently building the future egg and meat cooperative for the good of citys, regions and tomorrow's consumers. Nortura has a turnover of approximately 26 billion Norwegian kroner.

Nortura is a supplier to other food producers, hotels, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. We are also a major supplier of consumer-packed products to grocery stores, kiosks, and petrol stations. Gilde and Prior are our most well-known brands. What is not considered suitable for human food is included into our circular economy, where we enable surplus materials to become new products like medicines, high-value protein supplements, energy, or animal feed.